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ThinkPartner Business Coaching and Training Vancouver BC 778-558-8605

Stephanie Davis Shoreline Counselling

Deb's guidance has been invaluable. Her experience, wisdom and enthusiasm empowered me to expand my understanding of business and take more control over my work-life balance.  We have had many visioning sessions to work through the next transitions of our…

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Sara Moshurchak Granville Eyeland

I have experienced so many shifts over the past five years and Deborah helped me realign my vision.  We moved our business location and redesigned the brand and we are now working on the next transition. Deborah's experiences, insights and…

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Jamie Smith, Thrive Arts Studio

Deb has the rare ability to listen to the big (and sometimes complex) picture and pull out the solution or reveal a hidden path forward. Many times she helped me get "unstuck" She's a  strategic thinker and big-picture gal -…

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Andrea Diodati, Designer, New York

Passionately creative and industry-insightful, she is that rare combination of entrepreneurial intellect and ideating intuition. Her array of skills and experiences can tackle your most difficult sticky, complex situations and reach successful, quantitative results.

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Natasha McHarty, Artist, Vancouver

Deborah was quick to design an exciting unconventional next steps plan, uniquely created to match the structure of my life and business. She can see what you are not seeing and help connect the many moving parts. Thank you Deb!

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Fumi White, Founder, Evorden

Deb helped develop a long-term vision with new possibilities and directions. I have worked with her for years. From the beginning of my entrepreneurial venture to finding a business partner and years later, selling my business and moving on. I…

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