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ThinkPartner Vancouver and Vernon BC Canada 778-558-8605
Vancouver Life And Business Coach


Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Business Coaching

I help inspire new thinking and create strategy that connect the dots in all aspects of your life and life’s work,  Whether you seek big bold changes or need to make a series of small shifts, our focus will be to help clarify your direction.

Ready for a change? – Lets make it happen. 

We’ll discover new solutions to your challenges, #ThinkPossibilities and get all those all those moving parts to come together, #ThinkStrategy and identify the next steps #ThinkChange.

You’ll be able to identify new strategies,  eliminate what’s not working and get real clear on your next moves so that the action you take is timely, relevant and meaningful. 

The key to our process is the combination of life and business coaching working together. It is what will ensure that all your direction will be aligned with your core values, strengths, purpose and desired lifestyle. 

You’ll feel empowered with the decisions you are about to make and the actions you are about to take.

“It’s better to live your life by design rather than by default” 

~In a world of continual change –  we may need to reinvent ourselves and our business direction several times to match our dreams and desires. Becoming adaptable and in charge of that change will lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding journey ~

I chose Entrepreneurship as my Life and Lifestyle – lets explore your options!

Deborah Richardson

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