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Vancouver Life And Business Coach


If you are a small business owner who has a vision and wants to get all those moving parts to come together….. you are my ideal client. You have a lot a stake and are looking for an experienced business coach to help you get through the next steps. There are some gaps to fill and questions to ask and get answered. Then we can easily move you forward with a strategy, confidence, and a well-thought-out plan of action.

Ready to move forward? – Let’s make it happen. 

I’ve been where you are – and can help you get where you want to go.

By working with me you will gain a new perspective, get connected to missing information, and the foresight for the future. You’ll be able to get real clear on what your next steps are so that your action feels right, relevant, and meaningful.

Working together, even after one session you will feel empowered with the decisions you are about to make and the actions you are about to take.

I understand entrepreneurship – I founded many unique creative business ventures. I have been where you are today in the trenches growing your business. What I learned from the failures and successes, was that it was the diversity and excitement that fueled my journey and that the evolution of entrepreneurship was the reward. 

My style of training and coaching is a combination of how-to’s, business knowledge, creative thinking, and real-life experiences. I’ll help you fill the gaps, connect you to the missing links and help get all the moving parts together so that you see the strategy behind your next steps.

Whether you are seeking big bold changes or a series of small shifts our one-to-one programs are tailored to you. They are self-paced, private, and confidential. Everything is designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Some of the wonderful clients I have worked with:

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