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Why Harsh Prioritization is a Key to Success

Is your list a mile long and every item seems crucial to your success? You may benefit from ruthless prioritization. Knowing which things to take on next and how to make the most of your time and energy will serve you well.

So what is Ruthless Prioritization?

Ruthless Prioritization means that you put everything that doesn’t align with your strategy and drive you toward your goals into the parking lot.

I have found that putting too many things on your plate at once only waters down your effectiveness. So what needs to happen is to adopt the rule of three.

There is strong evidence that we can only concentrate on a certain amount of things at one time, say in one day or one week. If you overload that brain you will dilute your effectiveness. So what I have been prescribing to my clients is a system that I have been using over the past few years. 

(this is the key to prioritization)

The Rule of Three

Identify the top three things you need to accomplish, concentrating on the outcomes you want to achieve,


The task not the goal – is to finish this blog. The strategy is to keep my online content fresh. And the outcome I want, (the goal)  is to keep my google front page placement. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are trying to identify your top priorities.

Q: What is the one thing I need to prioritize so I will get the most impact and success right now?

Q: What is the one thing I need to do now –  that will greatly impact the future?

Q: What is it that can wait?

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Strategy is the key to success!

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