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Finding My Stride: Balancing Entrepreneurship and Semi-Retirement with Sprint and Stroll

As entrepreneurs and executives, we’re accustomed to the fast-paced world of business, where every day feels like a sprint towards success. But as semi-retirement approaches, a new mindset beckons—one that blends the exhilarating sprint with the serene stroll.

For years, I’ve been a sprinter, thriving on the adrenaline rush of full-speed-ahead endeavors. I’ve always believed in working hard and playing hard. Play, for me, meant intense games of squash or quick, vigorous runs. If I wasn’t dripping with sweat, I wasn’t playing hard enough. However, with my newfound approach of sprint and stroll, I’ve integrated both elements into my play life. I’ve added social aspects like golf and pickleball, alongside low-key activities such as art projects. On the sprint side, I’ve incorporated lap swimming, spin biking, hiking, and big, messy art projects.

However, as I’ve grown older and more mindful, I’ve come to appreciate the value of slowing down and savoring the moment. It’s about finding joy in the present, rather than constantly chasing the next rush of excitement.

While the sprint mindset has its merits, I’ve discovered that incorporating moments of strolling—of embracing extra white space, disconnecting from the to-do list, and immersing myself in nature—brings a newfound sense of balance and fulfillment. Thus, the concept of Sprint + Stroll was born.

This hybrid approach has not only transformed how I work and live but has also resonated with clients who have embraced this shift in mindset. By finding harmony between the sprint and the stroll, we can navigate life’s journey with greater ease and enjoyment.

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