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BC Small Business Grant Opportunities

There are many small business grants offered to entrepreneurs operating in British Columbia. What you need to know is that you need to act fast. Most grants give little notice for the application start time and before you know it – application dates close. This is due to the high response of business owners. However, often you can put yourself on a mailing list and you will be notified when additional funding is secured and grants application dates resume. So keep a close eye open for re-opening dates of any grant you are eligible for.


  • Grant will pay for up to 75% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $7,500 per business. 
  • Recipient must cover 25% of the cost, which can be covered from other programs or directly by the businesses.
  • Program application intake is open until the funds have been fully subscribed. Funding will be awarded on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE basis. One application per business may be submitted.
  • Applicants will be contacted within 3 WEEKS with the outcome of their application.
  • Building of the online shop and all other activities related to the program must be completed WITHIN 12 WEEKS after approval.


  • Owned by a BC resident
  • Sole or primary operations are located & currently operating in BC 
  • Is registered & pays taxes in BC
  • Employs less than 149 BC residents
  • Maintains a Business #, GST #, PST & WorkSafeBC # (where applicable)
  • Generated sales of more than $30,000 in the past year (in 2019, or in the year preceding the application)
  • Has repeatable PRODUCTS & GOODS
  • Does NOT currently have an online store or has an online store that has no more than 3 of the 5 identified online store features
    • Customer registration and information security features
    • Shopping cart and order management capabilities
    • Payment processing options including application of appropriate taxes and shipping costs at time of ordering
    • Product catalogue, search and inventory status
    • Website analytics and reporting capabilities


  • Service provider costs:
    • Platform and website development
    • Copy and online content writing
    • Developing an online inventory of goods and products
    • Pictures (including hiring a photographer), stock photos or related graphics needed
  • Digital customer costs:
    • E-commerce platform subscription (up to 1 year)
    • Online advertising (up to 1 year)
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Creating banners and other embedded advertising
  • Staff training to manage the online shop, learn about digital marketing, etc.

If you need some help understanding this grant and how to apply – contact Deborah 778-558-8605


Innovate BC – DER3 – Rapid Response + Resiliency Program

This program is specific to 8 regions in BC.

Greater Victoria | Okanagan Valley | Central/Northern Island |  Sunshine Coast & Gulf Islands | Kootenays | Central Interior B.C. | North Central B.C.

The program was developed to provide services and advice for small to medium sized businesses in any sector, affected by Covid-19. 

Example: Expanding into the digital economy by setting up a website and platform to sell to customers online.

Non-Profits or any business with less than 500 employees may apply. Priority is given to businesses that are in the non-tec sector.  This is a new grant. Apply today!

Business Development – Training Grant 

The BC SMALL BUSINESS GRANT – workforce training stream is for small business owners and their employees to access relevant training that would enhance the team’s skills and ability to improve their organizations, expand into new markets and job capabilities. 60% of the training cost is subsidized by this government grant. This includes business development, management, soft skills training and short certifications that are directly related to the applicant’s industry.


  • Each person in the organization can apply for up to $5,000 in reimbursement per fiscal year.
  • Each company has access to $300,000 per year.
  • Either the owner or an employee can be the participant.


  • Ask your trainer for their training package in PDF format prior to applying.
  • There is no fee to apply and you do not pay for the training until the course is approved
  • Anyone with a registered business (proprietorship or corporation) that is more than a year old is eligible to apply. If you do not have a business license, that is ok too.

The application process is super simple, and takes less than 15 minutes to complete 

  1. Register your business for a Business  BCeID number here:
  2. When you have that handy, access the application here:
  3. Upload the training package you want to take as a PDF under the Workforce Training Stream and submit!.


Once the training is paid for in full and the trainer has confirmed the start date, the participant can immediately apply for the reimbursement. A refund will be mailed within 60 days. 60% of the training cost is subsidized by the Employer Training Grant. For example, if the training is $8,250 you can apply and be reimbursed for $4,950 

How ThinkPartner clients have used various BC Small Business Grants: 

I have helped dozens of clients access grants. There are incredible opportunities for small business owners and their teams, The training grant was developed to help business owners add new skills that would directly increase their productivity, profitability and strengthen their leadership. 

Most of my clients are wanting to improve their Entrepreneurial skills and access the strategic thinking, strategic planning training. The process to apply is super easy and only requires a few minutes filling out an online application. The Strategic Planning training – which is our most popular programs is one to one training, fully customizable so that it becomes specific to the clients needs and industry. 

No one is wasting time working on things that are not relevant to their business, or working in a group on projects that are not directly related to their personal and professional development. In addition to accessing the grant to work with me, I assist clients to access industry specific grants and courses. 

I have helped clients access marketing training and other industry certifications. 

Takeaways – Why It’s Important to Access the Grant Now!

We are in very interesting times when business owners need to pivot to adapt to the changing world. It becomes more important than ever to know where you are heading and how to create a strategic plan to get you there.

ThinkPartner offers strategic thinking and strategic planning training which is one to one face time, fully customizable to suit the specific needs of the business but provides the participant(s) with the skills and knowledge on how to think differently in times of crisis and how to create a strategic plan to stay on track.  In addition there are business planning programs and our newest program – marketing for consultants and coaches.


A rebate of up to 80%, to a yearly maximum of $10,000, can be recovered.

There are many grants for small businesses in bc – and this one supports businesses who want to train employees (this includes you as the owner)  in technical skills in response to automation, tec advancements including new software systems or machinery. 

Think TEC and take advantage of this grant. For example: this might be the time to upgrade your accounting system to an online platform, or look at e-commerce and/or offering additional products and services.  Training must improve job-related skills. 

We offer a one time consultation and strategic think tank session – to discuss your plan of action and help you apply for this grant. Contact Deborah for more for more information



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