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A Coach Approach

My coach approach is lead by curiosity, insight, connections and opportunity. I like to focus simultaneously on your career, professional development, and desired lifestyle. We work on building clarity, clearing the clutter, short term wins and the long term vision.

Life And Business Coaching Vancouver


Every coaching relationship is different, so we start where you are and we plan for where you want to be.

I like to start with a first session that gets to know you and your current situation. We will  dive into what really matters to you and the challenges you are facing and look at fresh new possibilities.

We will help you clear the decks, gain clarity on your immediate next steps and create your long term plan. In addition, I will connect you to people and organizations that can offer you additional resources

All sessions are collaborative (with you, your team, your organization) and fully customizable.


More than ever before we have to adapt to a changing world. Luckily, as small business owners we have the flexibility to do so. Knowing what moves to take, what changes to make and how to keep focused is critical.

We have developed a process of teaching you how to #ThinkStrategy how to energize new revenue streams, how to prioritize and take action on the things that will impact your life and career the most. This course is one to one – private, confidential and allows us to work directly together on what matters the most to you.

*You may qualify for a government grant that will subsidize 60%-85% of our time together.



Whether you are seeking business start up mentoring or business strategy our focus cuts through the muddle and gets right into a strategic plan.  Our specific skills are in helping you see – what you are not seeing and help you put a plan into place for creating action and change.  Programs are customizable but we recommend a series of 6 sessions over 8-12 weeks so that action is evident.

*small business coaching grant available for Northern BC Businesses


Designing your life and life's work

Designing Your Life and Life's Work

Live your Life by Design, not by Default.

You will learn how to design a Well-Lived and Joyful Life that focuses on both your life and life’s work. We follow a design-thinking processes that promises to answers some of the most significant questions we ask ourselves.

If you are looking for reinvention and are ready to take the reigns this process if for you!

Laser Coaching

Stuck and need to speak with a coach, ASAP?

Laser Coaching gives you an opportunity to download your thoughts and get some quick feedback, mentoring and advise.

Speak to a professional who is knowledgeable in a gamut of subjects and can provide you with a fresh outlook on your challenge or idea. You’ll leave with renewed energy and a new perspective on what will work for you.

Laser coaching – 20 min online coaching session – to get you unstuck on on your way

Investment: $65 + gst


If you are looking for a redirect and a new plan, this session is for you. It’s about connecting your current situation and identifying where a shift might make the biggest and most favorable impact. Creating solid next steps are virtually – the best bang for your buck – as your time and energy are limited and you need a good plan that is simply and easy to execute.

This session includes a written review, recommendations and additional resources, suggested next steps, future possibilities and great questions to ask yourself after our chat.

Reserve 90 minutes for this one-on-one session
(in person or by phone or zoom)

Investment: $295 + gst

Career Reinvention

We’ll uncover some immediate next-steps for your career reinvention and work on the journey that will speak to your values and purpose. The process is a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and strategy to design a life plan to your new future.

Our process works by identifying your strengths, needs, then discovering new possibilities. This unique coach approach is creative and energizing.


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