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Strategic Thinking is the basis for my coach approach. It’s the kind of thinking that creates insights that are crucial to pivoting quickly in rapid moving times. 

This is the type of thinking that looks at alternative perspectives, challenges assumptions and is aimed at creating new possibilities. 

Whether you are seeking a career move or responding to changes in your business that need a rethink – strategic thinking will energize a new perspective. 


Strategic Thinking is a bit different

from Strategic Planning

Strategic thinking informs your planning and represents the “why” and “what” directly relating to the value and purpose. Strategic planning is the “how”, how you will implement and take action. 

Too often we dive right into the how and create task lists hoping to right into action. Naturally, we seek solutions to our key challenges. However, getting right to it – too fast can overlook solid valid and viable options. 

Thinking strategically focuses on the ‘what if’ and the ‘how might we’. It is much like the design-thinking approach which tackles the bigger questions which often lead to key insights. It’s a simple process and its purpose is to redesign a better future. 

Insights are those ideas, concepts and collaborations, that close the gap between what you seek and how you will get it.

Want to spark insightful thinking? – check our thoughts here.

Once you have some insight – take those ideas for a walk, test them out, do some prototyping. Share your thoughts with others and ask for valuable feedback, experiences and recommendations for your next steps. Working with a coach, consultant or mentor with an unbiased agenda is often a better idea than someone who knows you and might not be as objective as you need in this process. Strategic Thinking is a team sport. 


You value the work you can do and the meaning it brings to your life. You have created success and want to keep things moving in a direction that feels right for you. You’ve reached a point where change is needed, but there is a lot at stake. In order to make the move, you need the support, unbiased feedback and a fresh perspective. 

You’re capable of brilliant things, so if you’re ready to invest in yourself, let’s get started!

We want to get to know you, listen to your story, learn more about what drives you, what works for you and what doesn’t. We offer programs but more importantly career and business coaching that specifically focuses on your individual needs. 


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