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Business and Career Coaching

My coach approach is lead by curiosity, insight, connections and opportunity. I like to focus simultaneously on your business, career, professional development, and desired lifestyle. We focus on clearing the clutter, building clarity, short term wins and the long term vision. The aim is to get your into action that leverages the right type of traction.

Life And Business Coaching Vancouver


Every client’s situation is different, so the coach approach is unique to each situation. There is no point in us working on a system that doesn’t resonate with you. So we start where you are and we plan for where you want to be.

We will identify challenges and key strategies to move you forward on what will make the most impact. We will help you clear the decks, gain clarity on your immediate next steps and create your long term plan. What we do well, is help you see things differently so you can make the connections to strategies that will be game changers.

All business and career coaching sessions are collaborative (with you, your team, your organization) confidential and fully customizable.


Whether you are seeking business start up mentoring or business strategy our focus cuts through the muddle and gets right into a strategic plan.  Our specific skills are in helping you see – what you are not seeing and help you put a plan into place for creating action and change. As experienced business owners we take a mentor approach to our coaching providing you with valuable entrepreneurial mentoring and hands on tips and tools to improve your success.

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Change your Career and Business in Just 12 Weeks

The FAST TRACK program is ideal for those people who are know something needs to change and they are ready to change up their career, move forward on their business forward and get a plan for success.

This program is ideal for a business or personal reinvention – those exploring options of adding consulting and coaching into their income stream and people who are creating a new business and want to make sure they make the right moves.

Career Reinvention

We’ll uncover some immediate next-steps for your career reinvention and work on the journey that will speak to your values and purpose. The process is a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and strategy thinking to design a life plan to your new future.

Our process works by identifying your strengths, needs, then discovering new possibilities. This unique coach approach is creative and energizing. You can choose a pay as you go system and work at your own pace or our 6 session package.

Business and Career Coaching | Vancouver | Metro Vancouver | Okanagan Valley BC

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