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When All Roads Lead To Rome – The Profound Intersection

When all roads lead to Rome

I have been searching for answers of how I can explain to people what we really do. Ideation and strategy is the core idea behind it, but there is more to the process Jessica and I have developed and it’s the root of how we approach life and business challenges.

The success of solving any challenge is directly related to how you frame the question. Diving deeper into the purpose or the desired outcome helps discover a different set of questions a new perspective. 

Therefore, when you address the more burning question on any level you will get right to heart of the matter and be able to start working on the strategy that will manifest the best result or solution.

To take all that I have learned on strategy, design-thinking and the bigger picture visioning and put it together with coaching in a simplified way has been the goal for this year. 

So, why is this important?

Its important because we’ve seen powerful results from this process. It has been the outcome of years of working with business owners on their challenges of entrepreneurship.

The process is a ‘mashup’ of design thinking methodologies, the intuitive creative thinking of  ‘ideation’ and the critical thinking involved in designing strategy. When you put it all together it’s a creative way of solving complex issues.

It was in the midst of intense learning and slight confusion that Jessica picked the most profound moment to tell me something I needed to hear. Quite eloquently, she said ‘Mom, it looks like all roads are leading to Rome”. This lead to a stream of thinking and a trail of curiosity for me.

Is everything pointing in one direction?

I am studying the science behind happiness that greatly supports empathy, engagement and fulfillment, all of the things our clients are seeking. In addition to being increasingly interested in the methods of designing strategy and with the design-thinking processes, I was curious to know where there may be an intersection.

Design thinking is a human centered, empathetic approach to problem solving and strategic planning and has its roots deeply set in the ‘why’”. These two ways of thinking overlap in where ‘the magic happens’.

The theory is – finding purpose in your vision, goals and objectives increase engagement, productivity and will most likely get you closer to those desired results.

Our process is about facilitating discovery (ideation) and about creating powerful strategy (the things you take action on). When you spend time digging deeper into the “why” and start reframing the challenge, new opportunities and solutions arise.

So where does this take us? – to the reason why we do Powerful Purpose Work!

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve grabbed a little take-away from today’s blog.

xo Deborah




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