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What is the Key to Small Business Success?

I am often asked to events that support emerging entrepreneurs. My favorite thing to do is to facilitate a round-table discussion, one that is engaging, meaningful, and eye-opening. My goal is to conduct a peer-mentoring style conversation so that everyone in attendance has a chance to share insights, challenges and tips + tools about their entrepreneurship journey. Often during the windup at the Q + A session, the host will pose a closing question. Can you guess what it is?

Do you have any advice for startups and new entrepreneurs? I follow up with “What is the key to success?” 

It’s pretty easy to answer that – and on any given day this would be the advice you would hear from me.

Always have fun – you’re in it to tip the happiness meter – to engage with your peers – to grow – to learn and most importantly – a chance to make an impact!

Deborah RIchardson

The advice would I give someone in their first few years of business or someone starting out is the following:

👍 Be a learner – learn from your customers, peers/competitors, mentors and coaches, and be open to listening.

👍 Make your business work for you – not the other way around

👍 Create a business that energizes you and allows you to make the greatest impact

👍 Don’t be afraid to pivot constantly – because you can – that’s one of the best benefits of entrepreneurship   

👍 Focus on what really matters to you, it’s your business and your sweat equity.

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