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Tips on Creating a Winning Business Plan


Three tips for startups that can save you time and money!

✅ Number 1: Ask for help – Use a solid template that will be accepted by your lender. There are many available online and are free. THEN: Review your plan with an outsider – someone who is business savvy and is outside your circle of influence before you finalize your plan.

✅ Number 2: Be open to a fresh new outlook and perspective on your business idea and business model – often this can generate new revenue streams you may have overlooked – don’t be afraid to share your ideas with other seasoned entrepreneurs in non-competing markets. They may be able to offer you some winning advice that can save you time and money1

✅ Number 3: A new start-up can have a list a mile long – and that is daunting for a newbie entrepreneur. You will want to Think strategy! Strategy is what is going to help you clarify your immediate next steps so that you are productive with your start-up phase. 

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