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Three tips to help your Small Business leap forward

Work In Phases | Scale Your List Down | Manage Your Energy

When you work in phases it allows you to concentrate on what really needs to get done now.

By breaking down your bigger goals and projects into smaller steps (let’s call them phases or sprints) 

You will feel better about your progression and the ability to leap forward and you may be way more effective and efficient, thus reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Contrary to what people think multi tasking is not for everyone. Most people will be way more productive if their to-do list is cut down drastically. Check out our thoughts on “ruthless prioritization”.

If you cut your to-do list down to what really needs to get done each day, you have a better chance of whipping through the day with energy and joy. Possibly, you may have some energy left over to take on one of tomorrow’s tasks. Drastically prioritizing that to-do list generally works well in tandem with managing your energy vs. your time. Check out our thoughts on high-level prioritization.

What’s really important is that you manage your energy so that you can get the most out of every hour your put into your work. Understanding what environment fuels you, what time of day you need to tackle complex tasks and how you manage your energy and workflow is the key to increasing your performance and decreasing your stress level. When you manage your energy with suitable breaks in your schedule, frequent creative activities, outdoor walks in nature and non-work days, you will find that your happiness level increases and your performance and satisfaction level increase.

Want to learn more about why strategy is the key to success, the answers are here!

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