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Want to explore entrepreneurship and not sure if you are ready for the leap?

Start a Side Hustle!

Here are three great reasons to take your ideas for a walk and start a side hustle

#1 By starting a side hustle you will have the chance to flush out your ideas. It’s important to get outside your center of influence and test out your ideas with people you don’t know. Start by identifying your ideal clients. Then ask the people you know – who they know that might be interested. Give those people a great offering and ask for feedback and if they got 5-star value – ask them for a review. (at this stage you are designing a pilot program)

#2 Learn and explore new skills. A side hustle gives you the chance to put yourself in a new environment and create new career-focused experiences. It’s a great way to transition into leadership or roles of authority. Whether you find a volunteer position or a contract gig just know that all experiences will shape your future. (it’s all about the experience)

#3 You may want to use your current talents (or expand upon them) by diversifying and experimenting with different environments. Ask yourself how you might offer your services to a new and different demographic. In addition, consider mentoring or sharing your secret sauce with others. The process of sharing or showing others what you do – is often a great way of refining your skills and the best way to become an expert in your field.

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