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The Key Benefits for narrowing down your market niche


By narrowing your market niche you build credibility and gain the confidence of your buyers. People want to know what you do best and how you or your products are going to help them. In general, people know we can’t be good at everything, so when you let your customers know what you are really good at, they appreciate it.

I know this task is hard. We are all reluctant to narrow our market as we want continuous new business and think that by narrowing our reach we will diminish our pool of customers. However here are some compelling reasons to refine your market niche.

  • It keeps things simple 
  • It helps you establish yourself as a leader or expert in your field
  • You have more fun in your lane – if it isn’t fun, why do it
  • You will attract more ideal clients
  • You will learn to think strategically
  • You can jumpstart your business by starting with a few specific offerings
  • Others will have an easier time referring you to clients as they know specifically what you do or your products till benefit others 
  • You will find it easier to do the Hustle and promote yourself
  • You avoid imposter syndrome and will feel comfortable growing your business from this point forward.
  • You will find newfound energy and ways to succeed in your authentic way


I work with many consultants and coaches and the biggest challenge they face is the fact that they can do it all. They are very good at a multitude of entrepreneurial tasks and literally help a wide variety of people.

The challenge is that they have not narrowed down their niche and their ideal client. Without a clear understanding of both of these things – your marketing is a huge undertaking.

When I say – that Strategy is the Key to Success – it is. And part of your marketing strategy is that you need to know who you are – and who your ideal clients are so that you can meet them when they are ready to buy. This is not an easy task but when you nail it – your marketing becomes easy peasy.

If you need a ThinkPartner to help you review your niche and ideal clients – check out my strategy-focused coaching programs  Our time together will help you streamline your marketing and leverage your efforts with a strategic plan. Learn more at, or give me a ring at 778-558-8605.

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