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Congratulations – you have chosen or are exploring a career in entrepreneurship. It offers a lifetime of learning, diversity, and exhilaration. It’s often hard to do it alone and this is where I come in; as a sounding board, unbiased collaboration, and strategic thinkpartner.

While working with hundreds of clients over the past several years as their career and business coach, I made some significant discoveries. And here’s the secret.

Here is what I discovered about Business and Career Coaching

If you are going to spend the time, effort and resources to build a business, you might as well build one that serves you well. One that has meaning, brings value to your life and lifestyle and one that creates the impact you want to make.

So getting clear on your direction, the bigger picture and your next immediate steps is really important. Having someone with an extensive background as an entrepreneur and a thinkpartner of your ideas leads to better decision making. It’s about creating the most viable possibilities and the best course of action, and most importantly supporting you to take that action!

Whether you are in a career transition (exploring entrepreneurship) or an established entrepreneur, learning how to navigate reinvention and building resiliency is a necessary skill in these changing times. Living your life by design rather than by default will lead you to a more fulfilled joyful life.

What is the Coaching Process?

The strategic thinking process is based upon creative coaching techniques and design thinking principles. The process creates a new sequence that reconnects the most important parts of your vision with a fresh new – strategic way of tackling your next steps. In addition, we also work on clearing the decks so that there is nothing in your way from making advancements and quick wins. 

The goal is to discover new possibilities that fill in the gaps while keeping your values and purpose top of mind. These are the game changers, the strategies and new ways of thinking that will greatly influence you direction and reinvention. 

Learn more about why “Now is the time for Strategic Thinking

What is the Coach Approach Philosophy?

As life cycles through evolution, we will reinvent our lives, careers and businesses several times to match our lifestyles, interests and desires. Thinking Strategically, becoming adaptable and in charge of that change will lead to a lifetime of success and fulfillment. My coach approach is a combination of mentoring, coaching and hands-on entrepreneurial how-tos. The process helps clients connect to what really matters now and in the future.  

What are the Results?

The results are impactful and powerful change,  it materializes as we work through our process of training and coaching.

As identify your priorities, things will become clearer and next step strategies start to unfold. You’ll feel a shift in mindset and start to design a game plan for moving forward. You will leave feeling empowered, focused and well on your way toward achieving your goals.

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How do we Start?

You can take training programs or coaching programs. All sessions are confidential and customized and with a flexible schedule to suit your busy schedule.  Whether you are in career transition or looking for a redesign on your life’s work, our aim is to help you get unstuck and moving in a direction that resonates with you. 

I invite you to call me – so we can set up a time to get started – Deborah – 778-558-8605

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