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Sales Coaching and Sales Strategy

Let’s get right down to it; being an entrepreneur isn’t easy! It’s even tougher when you need to wear so many hats. You are probably great at many things, got your branding done, your online presence is in check, and your products and services ready to roll – but you need to increase sales!

You have made it this far – and now you want to dive deeper into sales generation, validating your projections and strategizing on your direction and plan of action.

Reviewing all the areas of sales generation and looking at profit margins and new untapped markets are all part of an increase in revenues.



  • Keeping up with your marketing bites into the time you should be selling
  • Matching your products and services with the ideal clients, at the ideal time
  • Increasing sales with key accounts – getting more ideal customers
  • Following through with the follow-up
  • Doing the right sales activities – active marketing not passive marketing

While working with more than 500 entrepreneurs we learned
how to address the top 5 challenges that can limit your revenue generation

We hear these stories all the time:

  • We just need more ideal clients
  • Our profit margins are probably not where they should be
  • We need to increase sales – how do we find new markets
  • How do we leverage our sales efforts – increase the sales performance of our team
  • I don’t have the right sales team
  • I hate sales – I don’t want to be the one to do the selling
  • How do I get my customers to respond to my emails
  • There are big gaps in getting consistent sales
  • We need more revenue – and we have tried everything

Our proven process combines a unique approach with personalized private sales coaching, honest feedback, mentoring, and time for collaborative discussions with our industry specialist. We work collaboratively with other consultants that are specialist in their field so that you can dive deeper into your revenue generation plan.

We know that one of your biggest concerns is that you don’t have extra time or recourses so we want to make sure that your efforts are strategic and lead to the results you need.

Vancouver Business Coach for Entrepreneurs
Mother and daughter duo Deborah Richardson & Jessica Elliott of Thinkpartner.

Deborah Richardson (founder of ThinkPartner) has had years as a designer, retailer, wholesaler and as Entrepreneur with three brick and mortar stores – her experience is vast. Jessica Elliott (JC Elliott Coaching) has years of experience in sales with high-end luxury brands and as a visual merchandiser, both are certified executive coaches | Sales Coach.

We take a modular approach to helping you grow your business.

We start off with an initial sales coaching session that takes a good look at all of those moving parts. We focus on what you are doing right and how you have made your successes to date. Then we look at the challenges and how we might overcome any roadblocks.

This is where the – creative thinking meets hard core strategies. You will get personalized one to one help with your sales strategy and if that includes sales coaching around your sales presentation, follow ups, reviewing profit margins and helping you with key accounts to nail the deal, we will do that too. 

We know that your sales strategies are directly related to your way of marketing and brand awareness – so we are prepared to work with you on building upon your successes.

There are three ways to get started:

Quick Review:

This includes one – 90 min one to one strategy session – written review and game plan and one 45 minute follow up session – $545 + gst

Sales Strategy Program:

This full program includes 12 hours of one-to-one strategizing, coaching/consulting sessions suited to your specific areas of need. $2395 +gst

Strategic Planning Training Program:

A big part of what we do and do well is to help identify what the real challenges are. We help clients look deeper at what really matters to them, get clear on the vision and what might be blocking their progression. We help re-sequence things, add new elements or assist in eliminating what might not be working. We help create the change that is needed to fast-track results.

Our sales strategy – sales coaching program will offer you a chance to work with us directly, guidance to do some work on your own and with our business partners.


The Game-Changers

Those are the key strategies that will dramatically change results and give you a fresh new outlook on how you can increase revenues and generate more sales!

Solutions and Strategies

Potential increased profitability, Increased or new revenues,  new markets, and untapped revenue streams, new innovative offerings, products, and services – a connection to industry experts and additional resources

A Plan of Action

We will create a specific plan of action so that you leverage your time and resources and get your efforts working for you. Your plan of action is your compass and accountability partner.

Ready to learn how to improve your sales?

Connect with Deborah at 778-558-5805

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