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Strategy Coaching

5.0 (7 reviews)

Strategy identifies what you need to be doing now, so you can stay focused and reach your goals.

Your key business strategies will help you work smarter, stay on track, and prioritize what matters most. They are the game changers and the secret sauce to your success. 





Career and Business Coaching


You may have a clear vision but over time that vision may have grown, changed, or become murky and complicated.
This is where a RETHINK strategy coaching comes in!


  • Clarity and strategies on how to navigate complex challenges
  • Ways to simplify your next steps
  • Ways to reduce burnout and overwhelm
  • Prioritized tasks and planning
  • A fresh outlook and way of thinking to fill the gaps and get you moving


  • One-on-one private and confidential sessions via zoom or phone
  • If you choose to – we can record your session so you can review the information later so we can talk freely without you taking notes!
  • A renewed confidence and trust in upcoming decisions
  • Valuable business connections and additional resources to support you throughout your life and business journey
  • Practical real-world knowledge, tips and tools, and direction to additional resources
  • Renewed energy and motivation to accomplish your goals!

Together we will look at your overall plan with a new perspective, explore new possibilities and make connections to what needs to be done, or done differently.  As we zoom into the key strategies you will discover insights for the future and gain clarity on your next steps.

is a deep dive into what really matters the most

Let’s Think Strategy


Additional information

Strategy Coaching

Single Session to Get Unstuck and Moving Forward $595

7 reviews for Strategy Coaching

  1. Lisa B.

    In just two sessions with Deborah, she helped me realize what I value most, which lead to my understanding the reasons why some areas of my life were not in sync. I explored new avenues that I had not previously even thought to consider, which lead to the positive changes I needed. I couldn’t have done it without Deborah’s help. I recommend her to anyone who feels like they need a change but doesn’t know where to begin.

  2. Lianne

    Deborah is an amazing coach and has been immensely helpful to my small business. She is an enthusiastic, experienced, open minded coach who was able to really listen, see my vision and then offer strategic advice for me to create the changes needed. She has a huge wealth of knowledge and business experience and was able to offer many creative solutions inside and outside of the box. I would highly recommend ThinkPartner for small business/life clarity and support.

  3. Stephanie Davis, Owner/Director, Shoreline Counselling

    Deborah’s expertise and guidance has been invaluable to me and my small business. Not only has her experience, wisdom and enthusiasm encouraged me to think outside the box and expand my understanding of business; she has also empowered me to take more control over my own work-life balance and future career plans. Her passion and enthusiasm for coaching is contagious. Currently, I have sent two of my team members to her for strategy coaching and look forward to sending her more members of my team while continuing to work with her, myself, into the future.

  4. Lucia

    Working with Deborah has been an absolute pleasure! After listening to all your ideas, she will help organize and prioritize your thoughts.
    She will help you setting goals and execute your plan to perfection.
    LOVE, LOVE working with Deb.

  5. Skyler Dietze

    Deborah gave me a completely new perspective on my business approach. She has such a vast knowledge of the creative industry that she was able to give me a plethora of relevant, real life strategies. With her cheerful and enthusiastic nature, she made me feel motivated and excited to move forward with new directions!

  6. Jessie

    Deborah is exactly the motivation push you need when you hit a roadblock! In our 2 sessions we came up with a plan to move my consulting work from side gig to full time consulting business. She helped me vision my brand and come up with a transition action plan. Her coaching is thoughtful, direct, constructive and unique to me. Highly recommend for anyone looking to make new moves in career or business.

  7. Kohei Yoshino, Know Yourself Coaching and Consulting

    I started working with Deborah to develop and refine strategies for my own coaching business about a month ago. Deborah’s a great coach, mentor, and consultant and I highly recommend her to anyone who’s interested in bringing their business to the next level. As others mentioned in their review, she’s got a great positive and energetic presence and I feel charged up after I have our sessions!

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