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A Coach Approach

In a forever changing world, we look at our life’s work differently. The trend is that we will have more than one career in our lifetime and as life cycles-through evolution, we will need to reinvent our lives and careers several times. Becoming adaptable and in charge of that change will lead to a lifetime of success and pleasure.

Our coach approach is lead by your desire to create a life that is powerful, rewarding and one that matches your values and purpose. We focus simultaneously on your personal life, lifestyle and professional development, looking at both short term wins and the long term vision.

Life And Business Coaching Vancouver


Every coaching relationship is different, as each of you will have different needs and directions. So we start where you are and we plan for where you want to be.

I like to start with a first session that gets to know you and your current situation. We reserve and hour and a half for this and get a chance to really dive into what really matters to you and the challenges you are facing.

In addition, I will connect you to industry leaders and organizations that offer grants, funding and additional resources. We will look at how we can help you clear the decks, gain clarity on your immediate next steps and create your long term plan.

All sessions are collaborative (with you, your team, your organization) and interactive (speaking engagements and workshops) and fully customizable to suit your values and purpose. The following are examples of our some speakers series, workshop and programs.

Designing your life and life's work

Designing Your Life and Life's Work

Live your Life by Design, not by Default.

You will learn how to Build a Well-Lived and Joyful Life that focuses on both your lifestyle, values and purpose. We will follow a Designing Your Life process developed at Stanford several years ago that uses design-thinking processes that promises to show you how to find what we want to do now and answers where you might want to be in the future.

If you are looking for reinvention and are ready to take the reigns this process if for you!

Strategy and Innovation

Whether you are seeking business coaching and strategy or design-thinking lead sessions our focus is cutting through the muddle and getting right into a strategic plan.

These sessions for perfect for team collaboration or intense coach/client directed processes that identify key strategies for creating the changes you want to make in your business or career.

Laser Coaching

Stuck and need to speak with a coach, ASAP?

Laser Coaching gives you an opportunity to download your thoughts and get some quick feedback, mentoring and advise.

Speak to a professional who is knowledgeable in a gamut of subjects and can provide you with a fresh new perspective on your challenge or idea. You’ll leave with renewed energy and a new fresh perspective on what might work for you.

Laser coaching is billed per 15 min segments
Investment: $49 + gst

1st Intro Session

This session is the start of our work together. It gives us a chance to learn more about your current situation and where you are seeking a shift. You will have a chance to see what our style of coaching is all about and uncover strategies for moving forward.

In conclusion to this session, you will receive a Synopsis Canvas that outlines key areas of focus and next step action and additional resources.

Reserve 90 minutes for this one-on-one session
(in person or by phone)

Investment: $295 + gst

Career Reinvention

We’ll uncover some immediate next-steps for your career reinvention and work on the journey that will speak to your values and purpose. The process is a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and strategy to design a life plan to your new future.

Our process works by identifying your strengths, needs, then discovering new possibilities. This unique coach approach is creative and energizing.


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