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From my point of the view the role of a Job Coach is not to just help you get a job – but help you understand the meaning of your work in this world. It’s very important in terms of career fulfillment that we focus on understanding what is the impact you want to make.

Therefore, my approach as a Job Coach is a creative and fun process that aims at connecting your values and strengths, Your world view and life views with the lifestyle you want to live. It’s more than looking at the “process of job hunting” it’s the process of designing a joyful, meaningful life.

Job Coaching

For several years I studied with Designing Your Life – Authors, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, both Stanford University Professors in Design Thinking. I am a Design Thinking enthusiast. 

You might ask what does Design Thinking have anything to do with Career Coaching.

I asked myself that same question years ago when I started studying design thinking at Queen’s University. At the time – I didn’t see any correlation, but now after coaching over 500 Entrepreneurs in business and career transition I see the connection.

Design Thinking is a process, it’s a human-centered approach to innovation and it can be applied to the design of products (it’s traditional purpose) but also to the design of services, processes, organizations and career reinvention. 

By using design thinking in Job Coaching you make discoveries and decisions on what people really want instead of relying on historical history, data or what I call the obvious next moves. 




I was working with a variation of the design thinking process over the past decade in Business Coaching. This process is very natural for me. I can easily see connections that others often overlook and I can help people see things differently and discover their own insights. 

If you are seeking a creative approach to Career Reinvention a design thinking style of Job Coaching is for you.  


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