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Want to retire from your day-job and keep doing what you love to do but not the rest?

The challenge I hear from high-level executives and entrepreneurs who want to make a career shift and retire early is that “they simply don’t know how to go about creating that transition plan”. It just seems too far out of reach.

You might love parts of your work week but not others and are looking for a semi-retirement plan that includes working – or at least contributing to your community. Semi-retirement doesn’t mean you turn to just your hobbies. Early retirement can include a side gig, volunteering or consulting. All of these can give you some financial gain but also a meaning to your life.

Here are some first steps to designing your early retirement.

Identify what meaningful work means to you

If you are still needing to or wanting to work and this is a semi-retirement plan you will want to only do the work you love. This is where contract work comes into play. It will allow you the freedom to do other things and have the flexibility to choose the time you work and play. Work can be paid or non-paid the idea is that it’s your contribution.

Ask yourself these key questions:

Q: What is it about the core values that drive you?

Q; What is the impact you want to make?

Q: What environment is best suited for you to do your best work?

Q: Who do you enjoy working with?

Again I emphasize that not all work has to be classified as a job or income-earning. There can be other benefits, like the ability to travel, new learning opportunities, and social benefits that can often outweigh financial compensation.

Here’s a starting point: Identify the impact you want to make and then brainstorm on all the possibilities that might work. Then identify three strong avenues and prototype them. (this is design-thinking methodology)

I hope you find this exercise a good starting point for designing a semi-retired life you love. I am happy to share some of my strategies and help you create yours! connect with me by phone/text/whatapp or book a free consultation here

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