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How to Create Insights that Are Key to Pivoting Quickly


An insight is the power of seeing into a situation. It’s the power to see a situation in a new light – one that connects to value and one that will drive impact.

Insights are those ideas that just pop-up – they make sense and they feel right. They are the ones that create that “ah-ha” moment and  immediately connect to your overall bigger picture vision. 

The kind of thinking that creates insights is strategic thinking. It is a crucial step in taking action and pivoting quickly in rapid moving times

This is the type of thinking that looks at alternative perspectives, challenges assumptions and is aimed at creating new possibilities. 

Whether you are seeking a career move or responding to changes in your business that need a rethink – strategic thinking can lead to insights that will energize a new perspective. 


10 Tips for Creating Insights:

  1. Focus on the big story before diving into the weeds
  2. Talk about the impact you want to make verses the goals you want to achieve
  3. Sharpen your vision with a curious lens
  4. Pretend you know nothing -adopt a beginner’s mind-set
  5. Think like a designer and think “what-if” “how might we” 
  6. Keep circling back to your values
  7. Identity and clarify the “real” questions
  8. Ask yourself “what really matter here”
  9. This is a team sport – work with a partner or in a team
  10. Steer away from trying to find solutions to challenges

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