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How Strategy Can Help Entrepreneurs During Turbulent Times

It’s no secret that we are living in a turbulent business landscape, and entrepreneurs have certainly felt the impact of the pandemic these past 18 months. Thankfully, there is a way to alleviate the common obstacles business owners face during times like these, and that’s through strategy. 

Even beyond the pandemic, developing a solid, well-thought-out business strategy and plan of action can prevent the overwhelm that comes with running your own business, no matter what stage you’re in.

Strategy-building identifies the best possible course of action and the most efficient ways to achieve your desired results, using a combination of critical and creative thinking.

Before we go any further, let’s break down the differences between these two thought processes: 

Critical Thinking:

  • A form of self-directive, problem-focused thinking
  • Analytical and logical views 
  • A way of using historical data as a benchmark
  • Skilful conceptualization

Creative Thinking:

  • “What if” thinking
  • Innovative and clever ways to improve things
  • It’s solution-focused thinking
  • Focuses on opportunities and new possibilities

So how do you create a winning strategic plan
in turbulent times?

Consider these great strategy tips for entrepreneurs:


The moving targets may be existing or non-existing customers, new emerging markets, a change in how you need to operate your business or a combination of the above. 

Creative thinking will help you identify all of the moving targets including those that you may not be considering. Critical thinking will help you identify the facts, what you already know and may have stopped paying attention to. 

Identify the key strategies that will help you use this information to generate new business. 

This way, your time and money is well spent.✔💲


Making small shifts is the best way to take your ideas for a walk and test some of those hunches you have floating in your head. You probably already know what you should be doing and where those shifts should take place.  

Think like a designer and prototype your ideas quickly so that you can identify which ones are most likely to be beneficial to you. 

✅ Consider diversifying and concentrating on 2-3 new options

✅ Explore new revenue streams

✅ Look for collaborations and partnering opportunities

✅ Start a pilot program or beta test a product


These days, there are numerous grants, funding, and similar programs available to small businesses and entrepreneurs, but if you don’t plan for how you’ll use these resources, you risk them going to waste. 

Strategy-building will help clarify where and how to make the most of any additional funding or human resources you might have obtained. 

Remember, it’s not about working longer hours, it’s about managing your time and energy effectively. That’s where strategy makes all the difference, especially during turbulent times when every dollar spent and hour matters. 

Don’t look too far ahead, or put all your eggs in one basket. After all, things change quickly in a crisis! But having a strategy in place can help prevent stress and keep you focused and confident about every decision you make

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