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Getting Traction: What you need to know

 Getting Traction – What You Need To Know

  1. Clear the Decks
  2. Keep Things Simple
  3. Have Fun
  4. Adopt the Rule of Three
  5. Do the Hustle

1. Tie up loose ends and Clear the Decks for the important stuff. When it comes down to it, this is one of the top challenges that entrepreneurs find disabling. They are caught up in putting out fires, attending to last minute tasks and the daily operational duties that do not allow them to get to the stuff that will move them forward. Distractions and clutter are crippling. Being able to clear the deck and get to the stuff that really matters in your life and business is the only way to get positive traction.

2. Think Simple. Keep things down to the basics. This is much harder than we can imagine.  Creative thinking, reinventing and a graphic eye, can be a gift for creative entrepreneurs but also a curse. Here’s a quick fix, ask yourself this one question before you start a new project or task. Q: What is the desired result, impact or ideal outcome.What is the simplest way to get this done?

3. Plan a Pity-Party – Turn those pesky tasks into something that is fun, even if the only pleasure is in the finish line. For all those tasks that you have been dragging around on your to-do list for weeks or months, find a way to make them fun. Seriously, even if it’s a mind-game. Turn those tasks around. Enlist help, make it a party, even if it’s a get-shit-done-party, I bet you’ll find someone willing to help you, because guess what? – they’ve heard you complain about this sore point for a long time!  

4. Get Ultra-Focused. We are gifted as Entrepreneurs; we can do it all. However, we won’t get traction if we try to do everything all at once. Just like the saying “Choose your battles”, as entrepreneurs, we need to choose our focus. Try using a combination of the Rule of Three and the Eisenhower Grid, (Do, Plan, Delegate, Eliminate). This is what we help our client do so that they can see immediate relevant results.

5. Master your Dance, Do the Hustle. It’s imperative to find your own authentic way of doing the hustle. This will be one that suits your personality and business-style and has a strong lean-in to your strengths and values. It will give you an authentic touch to your introductions, your pitch and personal message. You are the only one that is going to promote yourself in a way that is compelling.

We believe in doing, not just thinking, designing and planning for the future. Learn more about our FAST TRACK PROGRAM.

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