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It is important to identify the following – so that you can match your offering with your ideal clients.

  • Your offering should include what you do really well and what you enjoy doing
  • Your offering should be very valuable to your ideal clients
  • Your offering should speak to some type of sense of urgency 

Let me explain further:

Start by thinking about what you do very well, something that others would say is your magic. You can do this in your sleep with no prep and no thought. It comes naturally to you. It should be something that gives you energy. If you do something very well and it’s draining – this shouldn’t be your primary offering. 

Now – you want to think about who you enjoy working with – and who might be your ideal clients. Remember your ideal client need your special talents. Get very specific about who they are.  I’ll tell you now it’s never “everyone and anyone”. 

Who are those people that need to know what you know now, they need you to help them now, they need your expertise or your connections, guidance and advice.

Your real ideal clients will also have a sense of urgency. They don’t need you next year or next month. They need you now. Therefore your ideal clients are those in a certain time point in their lives, and they need you now. 

When you can match your ideal clients that have a sense of urgency with your offering ( something that fuels you and gives you energy ) you have a strong starting point and entry into a successful consulting, coaching or contracting business.

When you become a contractor and want to do what you do well – and less marketing – you will want to target these specific ideal clients that have that sense of urgency! This is key to making life simple – and attracting the people you want to work with!

Check out my strategy coaching programs. If you are interested in getting some help, start with the 2-part strategy session. I wish you the best in your career transition, these are exciting times!

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