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Creating Your Big Vision

Meet Lucy!

Lucy is a well-established entrepreneur with strong roots in her industry. 

When I met Lucy, she was spreading her efforts over many projects. She owned a successful business that provided quality athletic wear for roller-derby teams around the world but with a decline in available space for teams to play she saw this as a declining industry.

Luludemon, as she is known also co-hosted clinics and roller derby events throughout the US and UK. She’s an excellent instructor and absolutely loved supporting the game. 

She also knew that something needed to change and for the most part the industry decline was out of her control. 

In addition, Lucy wanted a more balanced lifestyle and greater long-term security and paybacks from her efforts. It had been a long haul all by herself – but she still had some BIG IDEAS that she wanted to explore.

We started working on her VISION and a deeper dive into the possibilities. Well to make this wonderful long story short – Lucy realized her vision with a new partner Carla and together they could thinkBIG and create a stronger vision. 

Rolla Skate Club emerged!

The duo was able to crack the code and invented a new version of roller derby called short track roller derby. Its debut was in 2018 and is now being played around the world. 

What was important to them was to help support the come-back of the sport and to include roll fitness into their programming, But there was still one huge challenge in their vision – a venue for their sport. 

The biggest challenge was finding a venue for any event as roller skating areas were a dying breed!


⭐ Knowing when to pivot

⭐ Doubling down on the parts of the business that had the greatest future

⭐ Leveraging efforts with partnerships and collaborations 

⭐ Keeping eyes on the prize

What does that all mean?

Years of searching for venues and making do with church gyms, parking lots and the mobile truck the team found the perfect venue in the old unused Stadium once called Rollerland on the PNE grounds – and the negotiations started. 

After numerous rounds of “no-go proposals” Lucy and Carla landed their contract and have found the perfect home for the RollaSkateClub.


It has been my pleasure to work with you Lucy over the past five years, I am so excited that the launch of your new home at Rollerland has finally come. You stayed the course and are now on a new rolla-ride! 

Opening within weeks – check out the classes and events at RollaSkateClub



Now is the time to vision your future!

Map out your vision and identify the strategies and keys to success. Your outcome will be a strategic plan of action and immediate direction on how to put your vision in motion. 

You will learn how to prioritize, improve your results, and stay focused and on track. Your strategic action plan will give you a clear picture of what needs to be done to optimize your efforts. 

Check out our new Strategic Visioning Program 

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