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You’ve chosen to work on your life and life’s work and design a life you love – Congratulations. We spend time thinking about this when we are young and just starting out in our careers but as time goes by we spend less time intentionally sculpting a life that fuels us in many ways.

Here’s what I discovered ~

While working with more than 300 clients over the past several years, I’ve made some significant discoveries. For the most part, clients were either exploring a side hustle, seeking guidance on entrepreneurship or seeking help on a reinvention of your life and career.

Clarity diminishes when we don’t have enough options or when we feel we don’t. We often get paralyzed from time to time. It’s evident that getting clear and focused on purpose and direction helps to connected the dots to the big picture.

The coach approach contends that asking the right questions gives more power and leads to better ideation than just answering to the challenge. It’s not just about looking for a solution, it’s about creating the most viable possibilities and the best possible course of action; most importantly encouraging you to take that action!

What is the Process?

The process is modular, but not linear. It’s based upon design-thinking principles and coaching techniques. We start by looking at the bigger picture and then helping you clear the decks and create quick wins so that you start getting traction right away. 

The goal is to discover new possibilities that fill in the gaps and answer to the challenges while keeping your values and purpose top of mind. These are the game changers, the strategies and new ways of thinking that will greatly influence your reinvention both in career, business and personal lifestyle.

It’s not just about looking for a solution, it’s about creating the most viable possibilities and the best possible course of action.

Our coach approach is about helping you identify what matters the most, to you!

This is why our focus is Designing your Life and Life’s Work. It’s about a career shift, life shift about living your life by design rather than by default.

What is the Philosophy?

As life cycles through evolution, we will reinvent our lives and careers several times to match our dreams and desires. Becoming adaptable and in charge of that change will lead to a lifetime of success and fulfillment. The career coaching process of looking at what is and what’s possible, helps clients connect to what really matters now and in the future.  

What are the Results?

The results are impactful and powerful change and they materialize as we work through our process of career, life and business coaching.

As we create new sequences and identify your priorities, things will become clearer and next step strategies start to unfold. You’ll feel a shift in mindset and start to design a game plan for moving forward. You will leave feeling empowered, focused and well on your way toward achieving your goals.

How do we Start?

All sessions are confidential and customized to suit your specific needs. Whether you are in career or life transition, or looking for a redesign on your life’s work the purpose of a re-design is to connect all areas of your life. Our aim is to really get to know you, foster a unique professional relationship and provide both support and challenge.

You have a lots to share and explore. Your ideas are valuable and validated with experience and we want to hear all about them. We’ll take all of your unique ideas and progress to date and put all the moving parts together so that you create a new sequence in your life career and business, and plan for advancement.

I invite you to call me – so we can set up a time to get started – Deborah – 778-558-8605

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