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Business Consultant

Hi, I am Deborah Richardson: Entrepreneur, Mentor, Facilitator.

I help people explore entrepreneurship as a career and develop their skills business through training workshops and coaching. My style of coaching is outlined here.

I have developed a small business owners series of business development courses and coaching programs that offer a range of topics. My speciality is helping people explore career and business transitions using strategic thinking and design thinking methodology. 

I am excited to connect with you. You have done some great work to get yourself this far and now you are ready to take another leap forward. One of my favorite quotes by Jack Kornfield is “Your history does not define your future”. 

So let’s create the next chapter. I welcome your connection and call.  If you need help to get unstuck and gain clarity to move forward on the things that really matter to you the most and you’re ready to make a change – Let’s get started!

Vancouver Executive Business Coach: Deborah Richardson –

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