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6 Quick Ways to Level Up Your Small Business

Stay In Your Lane:

Ensure that everyone on your team is suitably matched to their roles and responsibilities. If even one or two are out of skew it can harm the flow of productivity and hurt profits. A simple exercise of tracking energy associated with tasks will immediately identify where things are not aligned as they should be. Working Solo? Look to outsource or streamline your operation. I have learned that bigger is not better nor does it mean more profitable. This leads to my next quick fix.

Streamline Systems:

It’s so important to tighten the ship. Look for ways to save time and energy. To get started quickly draw out on paper the flow of business – how do you make sales, how do you onboard a client, what’s the process, where does it get bogged down? This will at least identify where help and attention is warranted.

Increase Your Billable Hours:

I often hear from my clients that “running my business is a time suck – I simply don’t have the time for it all”. My response is always, look at your billable hours, how might you increase them? By keeping an eye on what you do that is the most valuable to your business – and increasing that, you will automatically flush out time wasters.

Work in Phases:

By working in phases with milestones instead of time deadlines you will be able to concentrate on the most important things at hand. Once you reach a certain milestone you can allow yourself to move forward to the next phase. This way of thinking actually decreases procrastination.

Expand Your Resource Team:

Look to new fresh ways of adding additional points of view and people resources. An example is contracting a new mentor, advisor or coach, hiring a fractional CFO or onboarding an in-house bookkeeper. Don’t forget to fuel yourself. Make a plan to level up your own entrepreneurial skills!

Keep Your Eye On The Prize:

Revise your goals frequently as things often mushroom. We have this tendency to keep adding to our wish lists. I like using the rule of three ( ask me more ) Ask yourself this question. How might I simplify my goals so that they are specific and relevant to the next phase of my business? This is where strategy comes in!

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