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5 Tips for Finding a Mentor


👌 Get Clear – identify what you are looking for – where are the gaps and what is missing, what do you need to know and learn.

👌 Identify Potential Candidates – make a list of who might be the right person – someone with the experience, connections, and answers to the challenges – think broadly – search LinkedIn

👌 Reach Out – once you have made a connection between what you are seeking and who might fit the bill – reach out to everyone. You would be surprised at how many people are willing to help you find the right person. It’s our human nature to help. So don’t be shy. Spread the word of what you are seeking. Ask Business Coaches, someone in your HR department, your boss, or coworkers.

👌 Keep Values In Mind – the ideal candidate for a mentoring relationship that is more than a one-time event, should have similar values and purpose in life and business. This will ensure that you are like-minded in how you view the world.

👌 Don’t dismiss your Peers and Competitors – they can be your best resource. Your peers and competitors can provide some of the best support, current information, and relatable experiences. There is value in seeking someone who is in it – right now – just like you. It may be someone in a non-competing marketplace or someone who is clearly a veteran or newbie – and not directly in competition with you. All of these mentoring relationships are valuable.

How to Find A Mentor

What’s really important is that you avoid trying to seek out just one person – you can benefit from having more than one resource person working with you. As a Business and Career Coach, one of the first things I do when I start working with a client is to identify other resources for them. We look at every element of their personal and professional growth and find connections that will help them.

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Mentors can be people you know – but more importantly people you dont know. So go to your LinkedIn profile and start looking for your ideal mentor today.

✔And connect with me while you are there!

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