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5 Tips for Entrepreneurial Work-Life Balance

⭐Work in Phases

⭐Adpot the rule of three

Practise Self Care

Get outta Town

Identify key strategies

Regain your life and lifestyle with these 5 strategies

Take your goals and desires and put them into phases. Each phase can be as little as a few weeks or several months. Grouping your long to-do list into a strategic plan will help you focus on what needs to happen immediately. It cuts out the feeling of spinning your wheels!

Adopt the rule of three ( ask me more about this ) It’s proven that we can only effectively work on two or three things at once. Putting a few of those things on your long list into the parking can serve you well.

Practise self-care. Put your own spirit and health at the top of the list. Ensure you carve time for healthy habits. I start my week by adding my fitness and play time into my schedule. That means that I schedule a physical activity daily and a coffee with a friend and creativity each week. 

Get out of Dodge! Not only does getting away refresh your energy it allows you to slow down just enough to circle back to your key goals and your most immediate strategies. 

A refreshing getaway, one that gets you into nature is known to be the best way to refuel yourself.  Whether it’s a long walk in the forest, a float on the water, a visit to a new place, or taking part in an outdoor sport, getting out of your environment will promote creativity and reconnect you to what’s truly important to you.

identify key strategies

This is where strategy comes in. You will want to strategize on your overall larger vision but more specifically on each phase of your plan. When you have clear strategies for each phase you will ensure that your efforts are maximized and that you are doing the right things at the right time.

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