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Consulting Side Gig

5 Reasons Why Consulting Makes An Excellent Side Gig

5 Reasons Why Consulting Gigs Are a Great Side Hustles

  1. You get to do what you love
  2. It builds Credibility
  3. It Pays Well
  4. It allows for Flexibility
  5. It Expands your world
  1. You are in your lane – you love this – it’s fun – it’s something you can do in your sleep.
  2. You become an expert in your field – it will position your niche and identify our areas of expertise.
  3. It pays well – the industry standard is that consulting pays 3x your industry employment rate. Ex: if your position pays $45 an hour for full time work – (this is a called your contextual hourly rate) and your consulting rate would be $135 an hour. If there is a high demand for your services the market rate might be much higher.
  4. You can choose your hours matching the ebb and flow with your other commitments and lifestyle choices.
  5. Expand your world by contributing to programs that get you thinking differently, learning new things and experiencing “doing what you do” in new marketplaces – consulting can be a new diverse group of clients that can offer you what I call reverse mentoring.

How to Start a coaching or consulting business

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