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New Small Business Grant Opportunities

5 New Small Business Grants that you need to know about!

Chances are you qualify for one of these great opportunities!

  • Small Business Development Grant – new intakes for 2022
  • Rapid Response + Resiliency Program
  • NEW Launch Online + Business Recovery Grant(new updates here)
  • Technical Training Grant
  • Women Entrepreneurs Program

NEW 2022 updates

Grow your Business Online – and Boost your Business Technology

Level Up Okanagan

Small Business Development Grant

Small business grant business development grant focuses on helping small business owners with skills to increase their business’s success. 

This grant is perfect for the independent entrepreneur, as you the owner of your business can apply! Although they call this the BC Training Grant for employees of a company, (you, the owner qualify for the grant as the participant)

The only restriction is that you must have your business registered with the BC registry and it must be more than one year old. 

As the owner, you apply under the ‘workforce training stream’ to access relevant training that would enhance your skills as the business owner. 

60% of the training cost is subsidized by this government grant. This includes business development, management, soft skills training, and short certifications that are directly related to your industry.

Why It’s Important to Access the Grant Now!

We are in very interesting times when business owners need to pivot to adapt to the changing world. It becomes more important than ever to know where you are heading and how to create a strategic plan to get you there.

ThinkPartner offers strategic planning training which is one to one face time, fully customizable to suit the specific needs of the business but provides the participant(s) with the skills and knowledge on how to think differently in times of crisis and how to create a strategic plan to stay on track. In addition, we offer business planning training and creative and strategic marketing skills training. Our programs qualify under the workforce training stream for 60% reimbursement. 

Contact Deborah for more information –

Innovate BC – DER3 – Rapid Response + Resiliency Program

This program is specific to 8 regions in BC.

Greater Victoria | Okanagan Valley | Central/Northern Island |  Sunshine Coast & Gulf Islands | Kootenays | Central Interior B.C. | North Central B.C.

The program was developed to provide services and advice for small to medium sized businesses in any sector, affected by Covid-19. Example: Expanding into the digital economy by setting up a website and platform to sell to customers online. Non-Profits or any business with less than 500 employees may apply. Priority is given to businesses that are in the non-tec sector.  This is a new grant. Apply today!

Business Recovery Grant

(new updates here)

This small business grant is designed to help small to medium sized businesses create a recovery plan after the disruption of covid-19.

A bc small business that meets the eligibility criteria is matched with a professional services provider who will help develop a recovery plan or assess the business’s current plan (a value up to $2,000 in professional services, in addition to the grant amount).

Small Business Grants of $10,000 to $30,000 are available. An additional $5,000 to $10,000 grant is available to eligible tourism-related businesses that have been hit especially hard by COVID-19. B.C.-based businesses are eligible. You must be registered and headquartered in B.C. and have a fixed place of business in the province. The program runs until March 31, 2021 or until the funds are fully allocated, whichever comes first.

Technical Training Grant

This grant supports businesses who want to train employees (this includes you as the owner)  in technical skills in response to automation, tec advancements including new software systems or machinery. 

Think TEC and take advantage of this grant. For example: this might be the time to upgrade your accounting system to an online platform, or look at e-commerce and/or offer additional products and services. Businesses may receive up to 80% of eligible training costs to a max of $10,000 per participant. Training must improve job-related skills. 

We offer a one-time consultation and strategic think tank session – to discuss your plan of action and help you apply for this grant. Contact Deborah for more for more information

Startup Canada Women Entrepreneurs Program

The Startup Canada Women Entrepreneurs Program supports women entrepreneurs, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds, to start and scale thriving businesses. 

This year, Startup Canada will support 10,000 women entrepreneurs to start and scale thriving businesses through education, training, mentorship, support and resources. Startup Canada will provide you with opportunities for training, funding, resources, and support to grow your business.

Here are some additional resources for grants:

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Food Processors Grant up to 50K

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