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Once you have your market niche nailed and a solid business strategy for what you are offering and to whom you are targeting (your ideal clients) look to these 6 ways to kickstart your business.

become a thought leader

✅ Join your peers

✅ Seek out your community, and get involved with your people

✅ Become a member of a professional association. One that requires some type of credentialing or level of certification to build your credibility and community 

✅ Getting involved with a global or national organization to open up new opportunities.

broaden your HORIZIONS

You can learn so much from working with others in diverse fields and fine tuning your skills and sharpening new ones. Volunteer opportunities allow you to keep in the loop on growing technology and business practises.

When you leverage your skills and talents by utilizing them in a completely new environment you have the opportunity to broaden your horizons and expand your reach in terms of a network. 

Non-paid work can often lead to new income generating avenues. Becoming a board member or volunteer to lead a project, or volunteer become a Mentor. Guarenteed – these will provide you with new exciting experiences and will greatly enhance your professional development as a consultant or coach.


Learning by teaching can help you with your coaching or consulting business by:

👍 Improving your skills – what you do – and how you do it.

👍 Increasing your confidence and fine tuning your speaking abilities

👍 Providing credibility to your professional profile

👍 Broadening your circles (peers, potential clients, industry leaders)


Cross Pollinating can greatly help you in your career and business development. It’s all about broadening your reach by doing what you do best – in different avenues. 

For example, as stated above becoming a mentor in a different field can bring you a number of benefits. The process can allow you to venture into new markets and find new potential client groups. 

Cross Pollinating also has a lot to do with the process of creating a winning strategy. It’s about combining values, strengths, goals, and vision into a plan of action that will best serve you. One that ties all of the things together. 
This is where strategic thinking comes in when you are designing your coaching or consulting career. It can get you out of the entrepreneurial growth whirlwind. Strategy building can help you get right to the point and move directly towards the impact you want to make in life and in business. Learn more about  our strategy focused coaching programs here.

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