What is a Business Coach?

A Certified Executive Business Coach is an essential resource for any business leader. By adding a collaborative ThinkPartner™ to part of your professional mastermind group you will have the chance to intentionally move yourself forward.

The coaching process is based upon thought-provoking conversations where the duo, coach and client enter into a confidential relationship creating an atmosphere for exploration and reflection.

In one-to-one coaching we aim to clarity vision, enhance confidence and self-awareness, challenge perspective, and energize opportunities that maximize personal and professional potential.

Coaching works because the coach holds their client able and capable of creating their desired results. The duo will co-create a measurable action plan that is both achievable and sustainable.

“I coach to promote a conscious direction and empower others to become the designers of their lives”.

The Coaching Process will:

  • Maximize personal and professional potential
  • Increase productivity and reduce time-wasters
  • Enhance confidence and self-awareness
  • Promote profit producing activities
  • Create accountability and forward moving action

Confidential one-to-one Coaching Sessions are customized
to suit your needs.

The length of a coaching engagement depending on your objectives, but typically, the average client engages in weekly sessions over a period of 4-8 weeks and then bi-weekly or monthly sessions for 2-6 months.

I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF),
a leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession.
I follows the ethical guidelines set forth by the federation.

I take your privacy seriously, and believe in establishing trust which is essential
to our relationship. My philosophy is to provide an open and encouraging medium to communicate freely and directly, without consequences of privacy breaches.

When you engage in a confidential coach relationship with me it will be
authentic, insightful and enterprising.

My promise to my clients is to enhance their abilities to increase productivity, bridge the gap, retain accountable and become fully engaged.