Deborah Richardson
Vancouver Business Coach. Entrepreneur. Mentor.

Vancouver Business Coach

Over the years I have founded several businesses in a variety of industries, both as a solopreneur and leading a team.

I have followed my creative career aspirations making
entrepreneurship a career and way of life.

Challenges, triumphs and roadblocks provided a platform for immense learning. The benefit has been diversity.

I have never stopped seeking new experiences,
mastering new skills and embracing the
empowerment and freedom of entrepreneurship.

A few years ago I returned to University to earn a graduate
certificate in Executive Coaching to add another resource to my skill set.

Since then I have had the opportunity to coach many small business owners, independent professionals and social enterprise leaders. Entrepreneurs, like you, who are looking for a Vancouver Business Coach to help them design their businesses to be profitable, sustainable and personally rewarding.

The Coach Approach

My coach approach is inquisitive, intuitive and purposeful.

It’s a combination of creative solutions and how-to’s, with a lean-in on brand development, niche marketing and growth blueprints.

I don’t shy away from difficult conversations like the money talk, the bottom line and challenges that require change.

We will explore the edges, challenge perspective and intensely focus on the areas that will have the biggest impact on your success.

In addition, we will focus on your entrepreneurial journey,which includes personal and professional growth, a balanced lifestyle and what I call the ‘sprint & stroll cycle’ that we propel you forward.

My coach approach is organic and holistic, grounded by vision coaching and backed by proven systems, strategies & resources.

When you engage in a confidential, coaching relationship with me it will be authentic, insightful and constructive. I am committed to getting you results!.

  • think abundance & opportunity
  • lean-in to your strengths
  • lead by example
  • be curious
  • hold integrity but give freely
  • build resiliency
  • create balance
  • artistic and energizing
  • empowering and enterprising
  • intuitive and purposeful
  • collaborative and resourceful
  • systematic and intentional
  • seeing what’s not visible
  • uncovering connections
  • making ‘cents’ of numbers
  • creating the vibe
  • getting things launched
  • being an ambassador for ‘artisan made’
  • undercover foodie
  • financial literacy, forecasting, business plans, quickbooks
  • visual design, web + graphic, content + layout
  • online presence, social media, marketing strategies
  • entrepreneurial empowerment, mentoring
  • connecting, people, places, things

I invite you to connect, learn more about coaching
and see if there is a fit between us.


Stand Up & Stand Out

As you transition through the life-cycle of your business you will want the real world guidance and strategic solutions to fast track your results. By adding a ThinkPartner to your professional resource group you will have a chance to intensely focus on those areas that need to change. Together, we create a comprehensive plan of action, so that you know what steps you need
to take to get your desired results.



Intentionally Focus

on the things that will have the greatest impact on your success.


A Clear Vision

will keep you purposefully engaged and on track.



your unique strengths to design a life that is powerful + impactful.

You may be looking for specific strategies, in the start-up phase or organically moving through the life-cycle
of your business and interested in focusing on the following:

You may be starting out or looking for a super-charged business model or increased profitability.

We start by reviewing your business model, connecting your business vision and unique talents to your ideal clients.

As we develop your growth blueprints your business plan will take shape, putting all of your great ideas into a step by step action plan.

Your financial plan can be used it to obtain funding or navigate through the next phase of business growth.



If you’re marketing canvas is the center of our focus, we will define what characterizes your offering, keep your message simple and supercharged so it attracts your ideal client.

We will explore which marketing methods suit your unique situation and business style and create a plan that leverages your brand story and optimizes your efforts.

Included are a full range of strategies like organic search (SEO); online presence, social media marketing and less traditional marketing methods that are specific to your industry.


Being an Entrepreneur means thinking in a different way.

You know that something needs to shift and you are ready to make the move.

We will design simple and unique strategies + systems to answer to your challenges.

Zooming in to uncover the root to these challenges and identify what needs to be done or done differently leads to sustainable results.

With a formalized plan already in hand, we can focus on systems and structures to simplify life, and optimize results to keep you accountable and on track.


Let’s Get Started
Share Your Stories, Challenges and Questions.


together is customized and flexible to meet your specific needs.

In first meet up you will have a chance to experience coaching in action. We will take a snap-shot of where you are in your business life-cycle and determine the areas where critical action needs to take place.

You will have a chance to:

  • Clarify your vision
  • Identify what needs to be done differently
  • Develop your business model + marketing canvas
  • Identify your market niche
  • Create new income producing opportunities
  • Uncover strategic solutions and practical tools
  • Review your professional development plan

    I invite you to ‘Share your Story’
    and ‘Ask your Questions’