We have all been stuck at one time or another, searching for new ways to find the answers that can move us forward. One way to change it up and start thinking differently is to change your questioning.

Question-storming has been coined the new brainstorming. It’s an intentional way of searching for the route of the problem or issue and a different way of finding solution.

Question-storming differs from brainstorming as its focus on questions, not ideas. Brainstorming energizes new ideas while Question-storming helps us find new connections to the source of the issue.

Learning how to ask the right questions allows you to tackle the process from a different angle. By changing perspective you can energize a new way of thinking and new solutions.

Think about asking different questions or ask your questions, differently.

Here are three ways to Ask Your Questions Differently


Become the first responder. Ask yourself a question and jump right in with an auto response. Be honest with yourself and don’t discount silly responses, there might be some truth in them.


Simply keep asking yourself the same question until the question organically morphs into the right question, revealing the answer that leads to your resolve.


Ask questions that require something more than a yes/no answer or one that will lead to another question that may find solution for you.

Here are three ways to Ask Different Questions


Ask yourself the polar opposite of the question or answer you are looking for. Explore the edges and then circle back in. You’ll often find that your answer lies somewhere with the exploration back-in.


Try asking questions from someone else’s point of view. Think of their pain, their problem or issues and how they would view the situation.


Go back in time and think about the questions you ‘would of- should of’ asked.