If you want to optimize your productivity don’t wait for the right moment to be in
‘The Zone’. Intentionally bring it on.

You know what the zone feels like: it’s that sense of flow when productivity is high, ideas pour in and results instantly arrive. Set yourself up for success and do everything you can to promote being in your Zone. If you haven’t taken these steps before, give them a try, and be patient, they’ll soon become positive habits.

3 Ways to get into the Thinking Zone


Exercise is good for the brain, not just your body. It’s proven science that by stimulating the nervous system you can help build clarity, increase performance and improve your sense of well-being.

I often set out very intentionally for a run outdoors with one goal in mind, to energize a solution. I don’t listen to music. I don’t go with a running buddy. I choose a quiet running environment void of additional stimulation.

With only one thing in mind (besides not being hit by a car) I start to talk to myself about the challenges on my mind. By asking the right questions I always return home with a pool of possibilities.

When you find yourself in the fog, try adding some exercise.


Don’t set yourself up for failure; choose to do your most challenging work, creative thinking and down and dirty jobs when you are at your peak. Optimizing performance is all about knowing how your body works and setting yourself up with the right environment.

For me, opting to go to bed early and not dwelling on the issues at hand while going to sleep, promotes a clear and eager mind in the morning. I wake up ready to take on the challenge. I know if I get a great night’s sleep I will rise to the occasion and in the morning if I’m not already sitting on the solution it’s close by.


Fuel comes in a variety of ways. You’re already thinking food, hydration, and nutrition. Yes, these types of fuel are beneficial. But it’s a different type of fuel that I truly cherish.

It’s the fuel that feeds my brain; learning something new, collaborations, conversations and controversies that require deep thought. (They are the things that capture your attention, and the ones that you get most excited about).

I have named my blog, #Fuel4Entrepreneurs. It’s the fuel that gets me in high gear, that speaks to my heart and that is aligned with my values.

Get to know what your fuel is and feed it to yourself often.

Call me crazy, but when I want a great workout, you’ll find me on the treadmill. One earphone plugged into the music, (always the left ear) and one earphone plugged into the news. The combination of intellect and stimulation of music equals an awesome workout.