Over the past decade, I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs whom have shared their start-up stories, successes and their challenges. Each has at times needed clarity, new business marketing strategies, a change of perspective and a clear concise plan of action. All wanted to instigate change, streamline systems, attract more ideal clients and increase their profit margins.


Did you know that there are Grants available for BC Small Businesses? There are training grants, business development programs, marketing and research grants. Most of the programs below qualify, Ask me more…..

If you’re looking for funding, our starting point is to work on your business plan so that you have a clearly defined bankable document. I have teamed up with several community lenders and will help you choose the right format, customize the template and create the document.

Being an Entrepreneur means thinking in a different way. You are an expert at what you do, but wearing many hats can be daunting. I help you think strategically to get the results you are looking for.